Mission of Impact

To achieve the maximum
potential of your sales
and beyond

Whether it's retail or foodservice our only goal is to sell more of your products.
We won't stop until we reach your full potential and maintain it.

The 3 Strengths of Nutri-Impact

Experience of Impact

With our knowledge and experience in food sales,
we are the perfect sales force you need.

With more than 40 years of experience in food sales in Quebec and in all territories without exception.

Humans of Impact


All of our impact team members are passionate
about sales and food.

They know all the players in the food chain.

Tools of Impact


This is our customized order management and report software that allows you to follow-up on your sales hourly across the 16 territories of Quebec.


Twice a year we publish a brochure
of all our food service manufacturers.

What a team!

Louis Morin and Michel Allaire are the majority owners. They both know the Quebec food market very well. Their wide experience has allowed them to build an impact team that is capable of making the customers we represent successful.

We are your ambassadors.

  • We proudly represent your products whether they are made in Quebec, Canada or abroad.
  • Our sales activities are focused on two main markets: Retail and Food Service.

Our company can therefore represent you in one or both of the above-mentioned sectors.

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