A dedicated team for a successful representation

  • 16 on-road sale representatives
  • 8 in-house sale representatives
  • 2 account managers
  • 2 supervisors
  • 1 sales manager
  • 1 VP

Retail is important to us

all across quebec

With a team of 16 on-road representatives
and 8 in-house representatives,
Nutri Impact covers the entire province of Quebec.

Depending on the size of the store,
the visit and call schedule will vary.

We ensure that no stores are left to fend for themselves.

All Departments

Our representatives make visits
to the grocery store departments.

From produce to the frozen section. All departments are visited. Every store visit or call is recorded in our unique NutriGestion software.

Nutrigestion, a powerful software

Through our custom software, we possess comprehensive insights about each merchant. We have access to detailed data regarding their purchasing history, distribution patterns across various territories, sales figures, and the quantity of product facings they maintain. This wealth of information enables us to effectively enhance our representation of your brand.

Our system, Nutrigestion, seamlessly processes purchase orders in the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) framework and subsequently transmits them to the respective distributors. Furthermore, it generates credits and generates any necessary reports to facilitate improved sales performance.

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